Mix boyish, engaging charm and killer good looks with a knack for telling a compelling story in song, and the result is Eoin Harrington. This Irish transplant has been captivating music fans in San Francisco for several years, and now his debut recording, the aptly named STORY, is poised to expand his audience way beyond the City by the Bay.

A classically-trained pianist, Harrington possesses a clear vibrant tenor, and his vocals have been described as reminiscent of Maroon 5's Adam Levine, James Blunt or "a grittier Elton John." The vocal style comparisons aside, the songwriting is what sets him apart, evidenced by his twice capturing "Best Song" in the West Coast Songwriters competition for "I'm Sorry" and the plaintive "Never Be Lonely," now both included on STORY. Bay Area writer Gian Fiero described what makes Harrington special as "his ability to write a song that connects with the listener and tells a story simultaneously."

Whether he's writing out of personal experience or drawing from an ever- wandering imagination, Eoin has the uncanny capacity to create songs that are about real things and real emotions. For STORY, he has compiled 14 songs about love, longing, defiance and heartbreak. Standout tracks include "Move Along," about an impossible relationship, the anthemic "Already Done" and the spirited "Play Your Piano," as well as "No Way, No How," a testament to exactly that -- not taking it anymore. Harrington is scorching on the intense "Addicted," evoking the description of "Blue-Eyed Soul," while "Is It Over," which ends the recording, is a beautifully constructed piece about two lonely people whose paths inevitably cross.

An inveterate multi-tasker, Eoin (pro-nounced Oh-un) produced STORY with assistance from Justin Lieberman. In addition to piano and lead and backing vocals, he can be heard playing acoustic and electric guitars, organ, percussion and bass. Veteran engineer Bernie Grundman, who mastered STORY, said of it: "A well recorded and performed album with a sense of spontaneous naturalness. Eoin is able to create good intimacy with no gimmicks to distract you. Fine work."

His live performances, particularly at San Francisco's major clubs as well as opening for artists such as Alanis Morrisette, Switchfoot, Paddy Casey and Back Door Slam, have built him a loyal core following. He has played live on San Francisco's Alice 97.3 FM and on radio icon KFOG, where his song "Love So Right" earned regular rotation and was featured on the station's "Local Scene Vol. 2" CD. His holiday paean, a rocking rendition of the traditional "O Holy Night," was included in Talking House Records' "A Foggy Holiday: Carols from the S.F. Scene, Vol. 2" collection in December, 2008. Eoin also contributed the song "What If" to the soundtrack for the 2007 MGM-distributed film, "Her Best Move," and has written music for various other film and television projects.

"Eoin is a master storyteller," wrote Independent Musician Magazine, "a magician when it comes to putting words and music together in such a way that you find yourself singing his songs for weeks after hearing them." Harrington's passionate vocal style, energetic stage presence and infectiously catchy songs make him one of the most intriguing new performers to emerge from the San Francisco music scene in many years. And now that the forward has been written, STORY is a fitting first chapter.